CCU Volunteers

Every urban dweller by virtue of a deep association with the city, feels an inherent need to contribute towards bettering it but being a single entity, lacks the resources to do so in a meaningful way. CCU provides a platform where individuals can come together and engage in sharing, whetting, integrating and implementing ideas aimed at making our cities better places. The fuel running CCU is the time and expertise of our pro-bono team members and advisors and our Volunteers. We salute everybody’s efforts.

Vidya Anil

Vidya Anil completed her post graduation in Urban Regeneration from Jamia Millia Islamia. She is currently teaching Architecture students, and is settled in Chennai. She boosts the morale of all the volunteers and manages CCU’s Instagram page

Ishleen Dheer

Ishleen Dheer graduated in Urban Regeneration from Jamia Millia Islamia in 2016. She is a brilliant photographer and has volunteered to conduct research and help in organizing workshops for CCU

Mohit Dadoo

Mohit Dadoo is an industrialist based in Uttarakhand. He has designed CCU’s logo – literally on the back of an envelope.

Gautam Agarwal

Gautam Agarwal, with his exceptional skills in photography is always ready to volunteer for CCU with his camera.

Sanjeet Kumar

Sanjeet Kumar is the Founder- Director of Soft4uSolutions Pvt. Ltd. This website is a direct result of his skills and time.

Neeraj Kumar

Neeraj Kumar is 11 years old, studying in class VI in a MCD School in Sarai Julena.

If you want to volunteer with CCU, get in touch with Zeeshan at 9891927507 or write at or

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